One of the greatest contemporary flower designer

Incomplete, imperfect, but always evolving. Welcome to my site! My name is Dariel Hernandez, Founder and Creative Director of The Storyteller Flower in Miami, FL. This platform is a place to showcase my favorite designs and delight new and old admirers of my art. 

I started my journey as a flower designer in the summer of 2014. However, I learned about the art of flowers at my uncle’s farms in the Cuban countryside. After 15 years merged in the world of visual merchandising, I started looking for an outlet to develop my passion for design. Flowers were the perfect tool. I started designing for friends and family members. In less than three years, I had already managed to garner a large clientele in South Florida. The business grew exponentially. There was no point to look anywhere else but forward. 

As described by journalist Daysi Olivera, I am known for voluptuous, vibrantly hued arrangements that seem plucked from a 19th century painting. Bringing joy to people’s life through my designs and the constant need to always been busy and learning are still my motivations to deliver greatness. The idea of combining colors others don’t think or dare to work with, traveling to unique destinations, architecture, paintings, fashion, and even music are still elements of life that inspire me.

In the past years, the achievements are countless. I have had the honor to design for world renown celebrities, destination weddings, galas and fundraising events. Nevertheless, my dream is still bringing joy through the art of flowers to as many people as humanly possible. I feel a profound gratitude for the opportunity life has presented to me and I’m grateful for every person I have met during this journey.

I wish you enjoy the galleries as much as I do. It’s just a hint of the enormous amount of work developed these past years. The work speaks for itself.  Reach out on to me through all the means available and don’t forget to stop once in a while and smell the roses.